Exceeding Customer Expectations with Supply Chain Technology

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Technology can be tricky. Many of us—myself included—often feel like it’s impossible to keep up with the latest technologies.

While keeping pace with the best smart phone or tablet isn’t always crucial,incorporating the latest technology in your supply chain is absolutely necessary. I think you will find Tompkins Supply Chain Consortium’s new report on supply chain technology extremely helpful as you assess technological advancements.

The report, Supply Chain Technology: Applying the Latest Products and Features to Your Supply Chain, shares the “latest and greatest” products for needs such as enterprise resource planning, transportation management systems, and warehouse management systems.

Success lies in demand-driven operations – as customers have new expectations for everything from variety and inventory, to price and service.  The report shares how well-known global companies are using technologies to meet the expectations of today’s omnichannel customer.

While the economy is shifting, businesses are naturally still expecting a high return on investment (ROI) if they plan to invest in technologies. The report shows a breakdown of the supply chain technologies with the best and worst ROI and then gives data on which technologies have the highest expected investment for next year.

Distinguish yourself from the competition and take advantage of this information to see what might work best for your business. Maximize your profitability by exceeding customer expectations, and invest in the best technology to help get you there.

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Jim Tompkins