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6 Benefits of Industrial Automation

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How automation and robots in the supply chain can improve productivity, safety and more

Manufacturers and warehouse managers already understand the positive impact automation can have on productivity. The speed and accuracy with which robots work make them ideal for deployment in factories and warehouses. However, this is not the only way in which robotic systems can improve your supply chain. These automated workers also have the potential to dramatically improve safety, which leads to even greater increases in warehouse and distribution center effectiveness. When you turn to this technology, you do more than introduce an element of efficiency into your facilities.

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For example, robotic arms can complete the same task an infinite number of times in exactly the same way. Because they don’t become tired, bored or distracted with even the most tedious and repetitive jobs, they don’t pose the same risk of accidents or mistakes that human workers do. They also have the strength to handle repetitive tasks and heavy lifting that would put excessive strain on human bodies. This reduces the potential for employees to suffer stress injuries.

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Beyond these safety benefits, there are many ways in which automated systems improve productivity. For example, managers can depend on them to follow their programming consistently and without the need for micromanagement. This enables supervisors to focus their attention on more important matters, such as training employees and implementing better protocols.

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When you want to bring substantial improvement to your entire operation, there are few better options than automation. For more examples of how your investment in these machines can be rewarded, take a look at the accompanying infographic.

The Major Benefits of Industrial Automation in Manufacturing and the Supply Chain
With industrial automation, the benefits extend beyond simply productivity. (Graphic courtesy of The Numina Group)

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