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Most Read Posts of 2019 (Part 2)

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We continue our look at the top blog posts on supply chain, logistics and technology of 2019.

Last week, we counted down the top 10 through 6 supply chain blog posts of 2019. This week we look at the top five.

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4 Forces of Supply Chain Transformation5. 4 Forces to Drive Your Supply Chain Transformation

There are a number of exciting technologies coming together to create new possibilities, and dynamic new ways of doing business and meeting customer needs, technologies like blockchain and artificial intelligence. Here are four powerful forces to harness and help transform your supply chain.  | Read Now

Ten Pillars of an Effective Multi-Party Network Platform4. Ten Pillars of an Effective Network Platform

A look at some of the features and capabilities that a multi-enterprise network must have, in some form, in order to work as an effective global network for trading partners. | Read Now

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Artificial Intelligence in Business3. 5 Ways Artificial Intelligence Is Transforming the Business Landscape

Artificial intelligence (AI) is here, it’s powerful and it’s growing. Its potential to transform business from the inside out, from product design, sales, supply chain, customer service, and more, is undeniable. Here are five ways that the machine learning revolution is changing the playing field for businesses of every size and every type. There are lessons for every business in this. | Read Now

Supply Chain Application Networks and Multi-Party Networks for Supply Chain Management2. Understanding Supply Chain Network Technology

There is intense interest in supply chain networks today, and for good reason. Yet these networks are not well understood, in spite of the current hype, which has not provided the right framework for a clear understanding of what supply chain networks are, what they can provide, how they work, and how the different offerings in the market are differentiated. This article answers those questions and provides that clear framework for understanding and evaluating supply chain networks. | Read Now

Using a Digital Network for Automotive Supply Chain Management1. Why a Network Model Makes Sense for Automotive Suppliers

Today it is possible to fully engage the knowledge and capabilities of an extended enterprise across the automotive supply chain in real time. This evolving network-based capability provides the potential to drive significant improvements in overall replenishment performance and cost goals. This in depth article explains how automotive companies can dramatically improve their supply chain performance with a real-time network. | Read Now

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