Top Supply Chain and Logistics Blog Posts of 2017

Most Popular Posts of 2017

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What are people reading on The Network Effect? We took all the traffic to the site over 2017, filtered out the search engines and bots, to find out exactly what real people are reading. Frankly, there’s a bit of everything, but in general, digitalization and best practices in supply chain are popular themes. Here are the top ten results.

The Most Read Blog Posts of 2017

10. The Road to Our Robotic Future (3,388 readers)

9. How Digitization Will Drive Disruption and Opportunity in the Pharmaceutical Market (3,550 readers)

8. 6 Trends Shaking the Pharmaceutical Market (3,640 readers)

7. Inside Control Tower 4.0: Achieving Disruptive Results with Autonomous Control Towers (3,848 readers)

6.  Top Ten Lessons Learned from the GMA Supply Chain Conference (3,882 readers)

5. Norway’s “Underground” Short Cut for Shipping (3,897 readers)

4. Improving Truck Efficiency with Electric Wind (4,769 readers)

3. Video: How to Digitize the Retail Supply Chain (5,308 readers)

2. Best Practices in Supply Chain Risk Management (SCRM) (5,514 readers)

1. Amazon is Disrupting the Grocery Business. Time for the Grocers to Disrupt Amazon back! (6,193 readers)



    Nigel Duckworth