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Why Now is the Time to Face the Titans

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I have some big news to share with you.

We’ve all been watching as Amazon and Walmart shake up the retail landscape. And we keep watching as these Titans of business discover even better ways to conduct business and take customer satisfaction to new heights.

To put it simply, Amazon and Walmart are on the offensive. So other organizations have to launch their own counter-offensives. My new video, Facing the Titans, examines what’s behind their successes and explores what your business can do to forcefully respond.

Amazon and Walmart: Facing The Titans

I break down the five elements that every counter-offensive needs to focus on:

  1. Omnichannel
  2. Store Fulfillment
  3. Same-Day Delivery (read more about same-day delivery here)
  4. Planning-Execution
  5. Demand-Driven Value Network

Take these five elements and shape them into a strategy and action plan that meets the unique requirements of your customers.

You can also learn more about this topic in a new podcast, “What Business is Amazon In? The Answer Will Change Your Thinking.” Listen to it here to gain more valuable insights as you develop your counter-offensive.

We should stop sitting back and just watching the Titans story unfold. The time to “Face the Titans” is right now. If you have thoughts about how Walmart and Amazon are impacting business today – and how we can respond – I hope you will share them here.

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