Resilient Healthcare and Hospital Supply Chain Networks

Resilient Healthcare Supply Chains for the Real World

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Would you be willing to play a chess match with millions at stake, if you were only allowed to view a few squares on the board?

Probably not. Yet that’s how most healthcare supply chains operate today. Suppliers often have limited visibility into hospital inventories and future demand.

When you can’t see demand at hospitals, you’re forced to guess. When you see things late, and it’s become urgent – costs go up. If disruptions upstream in the supply chain are invisible to you, you’re vulnerable.

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It becomes impossible to optimize inventories and manufacturing. So it’s no surprise when health systems suffer shortages in some areas, and are hugely overstocked in others.

What’s needed is greater resiliency in healthcare supply chains. Greater collaboration, trust, and visibility.

Resilient Healthcare Networks

This resilience is particularly important since disruptions are a fact of life in the Healthcare business. Beyond the pandemic, there are hurricanes and recalls, trade wars and new regulations that require an agile response.

We believe our industry can do better when it comes to supply chain performance.

One Network Enterprises offers a resilience solution designed for every provider and every supplier in the healthcare industry – from medicines to medical supplies, PPE equipment to food services.

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What Does a Resilient Healthcare Supply Chain Look Like?

Imagine a platform that connects suppliers, distributors, and hospitals with a single view of inventories and orders; one that gives suppliers a real-time view of inventory at your customer sites and a consolidated view of demand across all channels. Where providers share planned orders and forecasts to help you optimize operations. Where you can see potential problems well in advance, and then ramp production or redirect stock to cover pending shortages. Where you can balance supply and demand, using accurate, real-time information.

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This resilience platform is available now, and will help you in each of these areas. It’s being rolled out to health networks, distributors and suppliers across the country.

With better information and greater collaboration with your customers, you’ll be able to keep service levels high and win greater market share, even as you streamline operations and lower costs.

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It’s part of the ONE Global Health Network, an established world-wide business network with thousands of participants in our industry. So these benefits are not hypothetical and they’re not distant – far in the future. They’re attainable now.

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