Greg Brady

The Network Effect: Beyond Supply Chains….An Introduction

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Welcome to The Network Effect: Beyond Supply Chains, a new blog sponsored by the company I founded, One Network Enterprises. In this first post, I’d like to talk about what this blog is all about and what we hope to achieve.

The Network Effect aims to provide an alternative viewpoint of what supply chains need today and where they are headed tomorrow; namely, we want show how the root problems endemic to supply chain are best solved by managing the entire supply chain from the cloud, allowing multiple trading partners to connect and coordinate their actions based on real time demand information (i.e. “demand-driven”).

This blog is not meant to be a sales pitch. Rather, this is about creating interesting and thought-provoking content for readers. The fact is, the existence of a many-to-many, end-to-end network that accommodates an entire supply chain and reacts in real time has major ramifications for the supply chain community, and of course the wider world.

Please engage with this blog! Many of the posts will be by me or someone else at One Network, but we will be turning over the reins to outside bloggers on a regular basis. We encourage you to submit your own posts, comment on existing posts, tweet, “like”, or subscribe to our RSS feed.

In my next post, I’m going to define what exactly I mean when I say “many-to-many, end-to-end network”….

Greg Brady