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The Supply Chain Control Tower

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Control Towers offer many benefits to companies managing complex supply chains. They can provide the basics like visibility across suppliers, contract manufacturers, carriers and 3PLs. They can provide advanced functionality such as predictive and prescriptive analytics, and autonomous agents that can optimize and help manage and execute many processes. There is a range of functionality you can get from a control tower, and you can implement it in phases, or go from zero to advanced.

The Basic Control Tower Value Journey

Level 1 – Visibility – you have visibility to events and milestones across the entire network

Level 2 – Alerts – You receive alerts based on service level agreements and lead times to all events and milestones, and resolve them in real time.

Level 3 – Decision Support – You execute transactions and users make decisions based on the recommendations of intelligent agents.

Level 4 – Autonomous – Intelligent agents run the supply network with minimal human intervention.

To learn more about these types of control tower, read: The 4 Types of Supply Chain Control Towers. Below you will find more resources, covering the details and the benefits of control towers.

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