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Why Do Control Tower Implementations Fail?

With many companies implementing control towers, why do so few deliver on the promise of end-to-end visibility and control?

This is the question Srinivas Guddati considers and answers in his article on Control Towers in Supply Chain Brain.

Supply chain control towers can offer significant benefits to companies by extending visibility and control beyond the enterprise, and enabling advanced analytics, real-time collaboration, and sophisticated optimization. However, many control towers do not reach their full potential as they are built on antiquated foundations. What does that mean? I’ll come back to that, but first let’s look at what executives and business leaders hope to achieve with a control tower…

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Supply Chain Control TowerLearn how Imperial Logistics uses a Control Tower to enable real-time visibility and collaboration, and is building a more secure and responsive pharmaceutical supply chain. This webinar with Imperial Logistics explores how a control tower enabled with blockchain provides transparency, efficiency and security for the medical and pharmaceutical supply chain:

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