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Today’s Final Delivery Trends: Where Does Your Company Stand?

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Creative Commons License (Flickr user: Kamyar Adl)What does the phrase ‘get local’ mean to you? No, it doesn’t mean ‘get local’ while traveling or ‘get local’ in your neighborhood.

It’s a call to action for supply chain leaders everywhere. From a supply chain perspective, ‘get local’ means meeting your customers’ final delivery demands—from personalization to speed of delivery (and everything in between).

Tompkins Supply Chain Consortium was interested in companies’ final delivery capabilities, so we recently conducted a survey to our database on this topic. We found that many companies are ‘getting local’ to be successful in final delivery.

The survey took a closer look at the challenges companies are facing for final delivery, and what plans they have for the future. Read the full results and analysis on this topic by downloading the new report, Final Delivery: Today’s Companies Are ‘Getting Local.’

The report reveals that same-day delivery is not as common as we assumed. In actuality, two-day and next-day are the most popular delivery options. Added charges for same-day and next-day delivery are also very common.

Companies are also ramping up their personalized options. The report shows an increase in store pickup and delivery locker options for customers. Standalone fulfillment centers are on the rise, which indicates companies are ‘getting local’ by improving volume and availability.

In my opinion, we will continue to see these trends grow. Are you seeing any of these trends in your supply chain? How is your company evolving its final delivery capabilities? Are you ‘getting local’? Let me know in the comments.

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