What are today’s supply chain executives worried about?

  • A recent Deloitte survey of 600 executives at manufacturing and retail companies found that 63% were highly concerned about risks within the extended supply chain comprising vendors and customers, ranking it among their top-two concerns. The executives surveyed also cited “lack of acceptable cross-functional collaboration” as the number one obstacle to managing risk effectively. These survey results indicating a serious lack of collaboration and coordination among trading partners.

I believe that technology holds part of the answer.  A many-to-many network would provide the kind of system coordination that “cross-functional collaboration” requires, curing the dysfunction that exists within today’s supply chains.

Greg Brady

Greg Brady is the founder of One Network Enterprises, based in Dallas TX.Prior to One Network, Greg led i2 Technologies, both as CEO and as head of worldwide operations, and was vice president of worldwide applications marketing at Oracle. Greg lives in Dallas, Texas with his family.