History of Digital Transformation

A Brief History of Digital Transformation

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In 1948, the American mathematician and engineer Dr. Claude Shannon published A Mathematical Theory of Communication—an article that would later earn him the nickname “The father of modern digital communications and information theory.”

Why? Because, without it, we wouldn’t have the information theory upon which the entire internet has been built (Thanks, Doc!).

But it wasn’t Shannon’s idea that singularly propelled the internet into existence. In fact, it was the invention of two very important pieces of technology just a decade later that, when viewed in the context of Shannon’s publication, would change the world as we knew it.

The late 1950s provided the fuel to really launch the computer revolution, with the invention of the semiconductor transistor and the microchip. And after that came a rapid evolution of digital technology... -Brent Heslop @Contentstack Click To Tweet

In the late 1950s, the invention of the microchip and the semiconductor transistor that is still most commonly used today, enabled analog computing to go digital.

The rest is modern history.

First came ARPANET (glad we didn’t stick with that name), and Moore’s Law—which still guides technical innovations to this very day—in the 1960s.

When the 70s grooved onto the scene; home computers, Space Invaders, and data entry were all the rage, while the 80s ushered in the all-important World Wide Web and the eternal boogeyman: Automation.

By the time the early 2000s came to a close; cell phones, personal computers, and internet access had gone world-wide.

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And just when it looked like the digitization of manual and analog devices had reached complete saturation, everything transformed—again.

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The Brief History of Digital Transformation Infographic

Infographic: A History of Digital Transformation
The History of Digital Transformation infographic courtesy of ContentStack.


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