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Most Read Posts of 2019 (Part 1)

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The top blog posts on supply chain, logistics and technology of 2019

What are your peers reading at The Network Effect? We dug through the analytics of 2019 and crunched the numbers to find our most read posts of 2019. This week we count down the top 10 through 6. Next week in Part 2 we’ll countdown the top 5, so stay tuned. Let’s see what people are reading…

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The Problems with Cloud B2B Networks10. 8 Signs Your Cloud B2B Network is Broken 

The confusion in the market about the difference between multi-enterprise or multi-party networks and other options, such as Planning and B2B Networks, is rampant. Yet the differences in performance, maintenance and implementation are huge. I explained some of these differences in an earlier post, now I want to give some telltale signs that indicate a so-called network is not what it seems. | Read Now

Retail Supply Chain Control Tower - a case study with a major retailer9. How a Leading Retailer is Using a Control Tower to Manage their Supply Chain

Let’s look at how one of the largest retailers in Africa is using innovative technology to improve customer service while lowering supply chain costs. They’re the $6 billion multi-channel retailer you probably haven’t heard of. They are the largest online grocery business in Africa. They operate 1,685 physical stores, and sell products in the fast-moving consumer goods industry. | Read Now

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ERP vs B2B Portals vs Multi-Enterprise Networks8. Multi-Enterprise Network Platforms vs Pseudo Networks 

We’re almost two decades into the 21st Millennium, yet the basic paradigm of enterprise technology from the last Millennium still persists. Change is hard. Changing well-established, complicated and calcified technology stacks embedded deep in the enterprise is even harder. But the cost of not changing in an evolving landscape are even higher. Here’s what we need to do…| Read Now

The Autonomous Supply Chain7. Enabling the Autonomous Supply Chain 

Incredibly, the first conception of an autonomous vehicle predates the Industrial Revolution and can be traced to 1480. Autonomous vehicles first made their way into consumers’ lives at the turn of the Millennium, in the form of a vacuum cleaner. The first autonomous vacuum cleaner came out nearly 20 years ago, in 2002, issued by iRobot. Only twenty years later and it seems like everything is becoming autonomous these days, autonomous vacuum cleaners, lawn mowers, cars, trucks, ships and planes. Now meet the autonomous supply chain. | Read Now

Top 10 Takeaways from the Gartner Supply Chain Planning Conference 20196. My 10 Takeaways from the Gartner Supply Chain Planning Summit 2019

It was encouraging to see all the company and vendor participation at this Gartner event, it was first rate! We’ve come a long way from when I worked with Eli Goldratt positioning finite forward scheduling. It has now been about 20 years since I was granted my patent on “Extended Enterprise Planning Across a Supply Chain” and it’s great to see how well the market has evolved. Let’s take a look at where it’s going… | Read Now

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