The Power of PaaS: Building innovative cloud apps for the US Marine Corps, Healthcare, and more

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One of the first lessons that someone new to enterprise software learns is that it plays by a different set of rules.  Whereas our favorite smartphone apps are designed to work seamlessly to deliver our wants and needs faster and more conveniently than ever before, enterprise applications, even the really successful ones, have tended to force its users to change their existing business processes to accommodate the technology.

This approach just doesn’t work very well. A simple Google search finds numerous horror stories in every industry of failed integration and implementation projects with years and billions of dollars wasted, sometimes within a single project!

Platform-as-a-Service, or “PaaS”, offers a different approach. A new generation of cloud platforms and integrated development environments are being leveraged by organizations to quickly develop powerful and customized multi-party applications for themselves and their customers, in the process simplifying their technology landscape and delivering rapid and dramatic results for themselves and their customers.

“Platform-as-a-Service, or “PaaS”, offers a different approach.”

Want to learn more? I would like to invite to you the upcoming webinar, “The Power of PaaS”. In the webinar, you’ll learn how in 60 days a 3rd party developer used a cloud platform to build an application for the US Marine Corps that enabled better use of data, quicker decision-making, and unprecedented visibility. You’ll also learn how the same cloud platform is being used in healthcare to provide a holistic patient record with a “single version of the truth” for greater continuity in patient care.

You can watch the webinar here.  Even if you can’t make the live viewing, you’ll receive a replay link after the event so that you can watch at your convenience.

Aaron Pittman