Samsung's "Invisible" Safety Truck

Future of Transportation: Samsung’s “Invisible” Safety Truck

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In part 1 of Future of Transportation, we looked at the exciting concept of The Hyperloop. There are some exciting experiments going on with far less exotic technology, technology that has been around for a while and that you probably have in your home right now, but that is being used in creative ways to solve longstanding problems.

Samsung’s “invisible” Safety Truck is a perfect example.

The Safety Truck is the result of combining a wireless camera on the front of the truck, and four LEDs screens on the rear, transmitting the road ahead of the truck to the vehicles behind it.

While not exactly invisible, Samsung’s Safety Trucks are virtually transparent, giving following vehicles insight into the road conditions ahead, almost as if the truck wasn’t there, and making passing much safer.

Samsung’s “Invisible” Safety Truck

Will The Safety Truck Catch on?

The Safety Truck offers obvious benefits, so it’s likely that the concept will gain support and popularity. However there are hurdles to clear.

Samsung is working with governments, NGOs and road safety organizations to ensure the truck complies with existing protocols, and to gain approval and support for the technology.

Another hurdle is the cost. While the camera on the front doesn’t cost much, the four large screens on the rear of the truck don’t come cheap. This could be a barrier to quick and widespread adoption, but time will tell.

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