Meeting the Omnichannel Challenge: How Retailers and Consumer Goods Companies Can Win

Meeting the Omnichannel Challenge

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Consumers are buying products through many different channels, which has made the consumer goods supply chain more complex than ever before. The consumer goods industry must now contend with the need to respond to supply and demand in the omnichannel marketplace with real time capabilities.

With the movement from pure store-delivery to store-plus-home-delivery, you have many more points of consumption than ever before. The number of orders increase substantially because there are no longer only truck loads. Now companies must have the ability to manage parcels while providing a higher level of service.

In order to tackle the issues that arise in this scenario, many consumer goods companies are adopting “control towers.” A network-based control tower enables full visibility across the organization’s existing legacy systems to help manage everything from consumer demand fulfillment, to execution against that demand, while matching the supply of goods in one integrated process. As a result, many processes can be automated ensuring higher levels of service delivered to the consumer.

A network control tower enables a host of capabilities in a single integrated process. It enables full visibility, demand fulfillment, execution, and more. - James Curtis Click To Tweet

The environment for consumer goods companies are changing faster than ever before as customers demand to buy products through several channels. This is creating a revolution in the way they will need to deliver products to their customers by quickly adapting to more efficient supply chain practices merged with technology that delivers real time capabilities.

Transforming the Retail and CPG Supply Chains

One Network and Consumer Goods Technology (CGT) have come together to show retailers, and the consumer goods companies that supply, them how to revamp the supply chain for the modern customer.

Using the fifth-annual CGT Supply Chain Report as the starting point, this webinar with One Network will examine the ways in which consumer goods companies are responding to these seismic changes and transforming their supply chains with technology to meet the needs of the omnichannel consumer.

You will learn:

  • How to modernize the traditional supply chain functions.
  • The critical role of advanced analytics for consumer goods.
  • The importance that cross-functional collaboration will play & how to achieve it.
  • The impact of emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, IoT and blockchain will have on future success.

Join a panel of subject matter experts as they examine the key areas of focus for consumer goods companies as they confront the unprecedented disruption, they are facing in their traditional supply chains.

The webinar will be taking place on Thursday, March 7th at 1:00 pm CST. You can sign up for the webinar here at:

Supply Chain 2019: Building the Consumer Value Chain

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