Most Popular Posts of 2016 (Part 1)

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Here’s a quick run down of our most popular posts of 2016, starting with #10 and counting down to #6. In our next post we’ll count down the top 5.

Total Disruption: How Industry Operating Backbones can transform your supply chain10. Total Disruption: Industry Operating Backbones

Ideally a network solution should both be industry agnostic and embrace all supply chain participants; yet at the same time be tailored to the needs of a particular industry. How do you achieve this?

A Better Business Model for Software... 9. Total Disruption: A Better Business Model

With the new solution model, that of a network with extensible solutions, comes the possibility of a new business model that makes software vendor and customer, not adversaries as they often seem to be, but partners.

The World's Largest Cargo Plane - can swallow a locomotive... 8. The Plane That Eats Trains

If you need to FedEx a 400,000lbs locomotive halfway around the world, here’s how you do it. This is the incredible story behind the world’s largest cargo plane.

Walmarts Carriers of the Year7. Walmart’s Carriers of the Year 2015

Walmart awarded 12 carriers as their “Carriers of the Year”. Here are the companies that took the honors.

Leading the healthcare and tech revolution in Africa6. Who Heads Technology Revolution in Africa?

A tiny country in Africa is making giant strides in embracing the latest technology. In fact, in some cases it is leapfrogging many first world countries in the race to do business, smarter, cheaper, better.

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