The Financial Impact of Master Data Management

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Image Credit: Flickr user Disco Konfort
Image Credit: Flickr user Discos Konfort

Today I wanted to summarize the various topics we’ve explored regarding the connection between master data management and your company’s financial health.

Remember that your master data is a subset of all the data used across your applications. Focus on the master data which can be used to drive differentiated business outcomes and related business process improvements across your supply network.

Benefits can be realized by operationalizing your MDM strategy through a cloud-based supply network platform. This platform will provide a subscription based federated network so that all participants, based on roles and permissions, can benefit from your data assets.

These benefits will translate directly into improvements in your Earnings per Share and other fiscal health indicators. In the actual CPG business example given earlier, those benefits translated into a quarterly EPS results which beat Wall Street’s expectations by an order of magnitude.

I also suggest you read the new white paper: Why Wall Street Cares About Your Master Data Management Strategy

Greg Brady