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The Most Read Posts So Far (Summer 2016)

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With summer almost over, I thought it a good time to take a look back at our most popular supply chain articles of the year. So here’s what’s hot this summer.. the top ten posts of 2016 so far, in reverse order of popularity:

  1. Walmart’s Carriers of the Year 2015

    Walmart's Carriers of the Year 2015 - dedication to customer serviceWalmart’s Top Twelve Carriers of 2015, selected for their dedication to customer service and their commitment to innovation.

  1. How Do You Saw a Ship in Half… Underwater?

    MV Tricolor Sinks in English ChannelThe incredible story of the car freighter, The Tricolor, who’s sinking was just the beginning of its dramatic fate.

  1. The Future of Omnichannel Retail Supply Chain

    Omnichannel Retail“The level of transformation and disruption that’s taking place is just phenomenal, I don’t think retailers understanding: things are really different, we need to conduct ourselves differently.”

  1. Total Disruption: Industry Operating Backbones

    Total Disruption: Disruptive Technology + Disruptive Business ModelA brief overview of “Industry Operating Backbones” and how they meet the needs of today’s modern supply chains.

  1. Total Disruption: A Better Business Model

    Disruptive Supply Chain Business ModelA new business model that makes software vendor and customer, not adversaries as they often seem to be, but partners.

  1. Rwanda Heads Technology Revolution in Africa

    zipline-drop-routeHow this tiny nation in Africa is making giant strides in embracing the latest technology. In some cases it is leapfrogging many first world countries in the race to do business, smarter, cheaper, better.

  1. The Future of Transportation 1: The Hyperloop

    Hyperloop Pod in a DockElon Musk’s futuristic mode of transportation that’s “a combination between a Concord, a rail gun and an air hockey table.”

  1. The Plane That Eats Trains

    The Antonov An-225 - world's largest airplaneThe world’s largest cargo plane… if for any reason you need to FedEx a train, it has got you covered.

  1. Future of Transportation: Samsung’s “Invisible” Safety Truck

    invisible-safety-truck-passThe clever use of some ordinary technology, makes for one extraordinary truck.

  1. Digital Supply Chains: What’s the Big Deal?

    The Digital Supply ChainThe dramatic advantage companies are seeing as a result of digitizing their supply chains.


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